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Advanced NFC, RFID Solutions

All of our TAP2 solutions are based around NFC-compatible RFID technology. We have a range of solutions for various engagements you may need.

Tap RFID Stations To...

Like On Facebook

With the tap of an RFID card, your customers can immediately publish a post on their facebook indicating their engagement with your product.

Tag & Post Photos

Using our Instagram-like Photo Solution, people can tap their card to have their picture taken, and then see it customized with your company branding and posted to their newsfeed.

Get Information

If you are interested in finding how we can use social media to engage your audience at your events, please contact us.

How Does It Work

All of our TAP2 products are like LEGO blocks and can seamlessly integrate with each other. You can capture and share your photos, share your information and like posts on Facebook, all in one tap.

What Is The Benefit

Including RFID technology at your next event will create a more seamless user-experience; no need for brochures, or other kludgy registration methods. Users can create a custom profile, receiving your brand’s updates and creating a much richer relationship with your brand.


We can provide an in-depth breakdown of how users are engaging with your brand, from registration information, pinpointing the most popular items, to identifying where most customers are hanging out. Ask us for details!

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