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PhotoPoint (Photo Booth)


Instantly bring life and memories to your engagements with our PhotoPoint solution. And share those memories through social media to your guests accounts.

TAP2 (RFID & NFC Solution)


Our RFID- enabled pillars that can be configured to send information, like stuff, and push all this to your social media account.

BuzzPoint (Social Feed)


Bash! hybrid social-media enabled digital signage solution that can cycle between content, and social media information like instagram slide-shows, tweets, and customize how it appears.

Guerrilla Projection


Reaching our target market can be a challenge; so with the power of guerilla projection, we go to where your late-night crowd is hanging out and let them discover your brand.

Interactive Screens


From touchscreens to touch-glass surfaces, we can bring interactivity to all possible events.

3D Holographic Projection


Using the power of our Holo prism, a full-3d experience of your product inside our ultra-chiq display prisms are possible.

Gesture Interactive Display


Using the power of body-scanning technology (like the kinect), we can re-create a minority-style experience for users

Social Engagement


Our toolbox of social tools allows engagement, and immersion of our users and their digital experience.

Live Voting


Using SMS, or social-media, real-time voting, polling, and seeing results at your gala event or contest.

Custom Solutions

Make an Experience to Remember

Endless Possibilities

Our team can fuse custom hardware technologies with a huge array of display possibilities and manage it all through BuzzPoint. We can add a little RFID or NFC magic to allow seamless engagement with tradeshow booths and stations.

  • PhotoPoint (Photo Booth)
  • RFID Stations
  • BuzzPoint (Social Feed)
  • Guerrilla Projection
  • Interactive Screens
  • 3D Holographic Projection
  • Gesture Interactive Display
  • Social Engagement
  • Live Voting

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  • On The Street
  • On Buildings
  • In Retail Locations
  • At Events
  • In Restaurants
  • In Clubs
  • In Malls


Case Studies

  • Mercedes-Benz

    Custom Solution
  • Nespresso

    Interactive Screens
  • Sapporo

    Custom Solution
  • Corona

    Live Karaoke

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